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Turning for Empty Bowls

Each year at the AAW International Woodturning Symposium, AAW members donate wood turned bowls (and other turned items) they have created to the Empty Bowls project. The bowls are sold during the Symposium to raise money for a nonprofit selected by the chapter hosting the event. Large or small, each bowl costs only $25. The proceeds go to the Symposium local host chapter's choice of charity each year.

In 2023, 100% of the proceeds will support Storm Haven Youth Ranch in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Storm Haven connects hurting children with rescued horses for healing. From the neglected to the abused, to the lonely and forgotten, we provide a safe haven where they can learn to trust and love again. No matter what the children (age 6-18) are facing in their lives, they can visit the ranch where horses and children bond, offering each other hope and unconditional love. Storm Haven’s programs are free for the children it serves. A relationship with a horse can provide love to a heart that feels unlovable, and can go where no human being is allowed to enter—inside that wounded heart. When a child learns of a rescued horse’s painful past, they are stirred with compassion, relating to the sorrow they feel in their own life. One of the greatest steps to healing is reaching out beyond ourselves to others. A horse can be the first step.”

How you can help:

You can be a part of this wonderful effort by donating your turned bowls to the Symposium. They can be any shape, size, or type of wood! Please keep in mind that every bowl will be listed at $25. Also, it does not have to be a bowl. Other turners have brought pens and other turned items valued at $25.

You can drop donations off at the Instant Gallery check in at the Symposium in Louisville, KY, or if you won't be attending the symposium, you can ship them in advance by filling out this form. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive the shipping address. Please ship your items to arrive by May 25.


Should I sign/date my bowl?

Signing and dating your bowl is a nice extra touch. People who buy your bowl will appreciate knowing who created it. Your bowl might become someone’s family heirloom.

What size is accepted, and can I donate more than one?

Bowls of every size are appreciated and there is no limit to the number of bowls you can donate. The more the merrier!

How do I buy a bowl?

Visit the Instant Gallery in the exhibit hall at the AAW Woodturning Symposium in Louisville, KY June 1-4, 2023.

How many bowls can I buy?

There is no limit to the number of bowls you can purchase. Please purchase as many bowls as you like; they make excellent gifts!

Can I use a credit card to buy a bowl?

Yes, Empty Bowls accepts cash, credit, or debit cards.

We thank turners like you for making this program a success!

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