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Feature Your Woodturned Pieces in the AAW Instant Gallery

The woodturning community is excited to come together in-person in Louisville, KY this June 1-4 for the AAW International Woodturning Symposium. There are many reasons why this is the can’t miss event for hobbyists, experienced woodturners, artists, collectors and vendors, and one of them is the Instant Gallery, open to all registered attendees! If you are a woodturner, bring some of your favorite pieces to display in the gallery. If you are just an admirer, the Instant Gallery is free and a great way to see hundreds of unique woodturned items and art. This article should answer some of your burning questions about the Instant Gallery.

I'm a woodturner, how many pieces can I feature in the Instant Gallery?

Registered AAW Symposium attendees may enter up to three pieces.

How do I enter my pieces?

When you enter the Instant Gallery, go to the Instant Gallery registration desk and fill out a form for each piece you enter. This form includes your contact information, title, price, wood species, and a description of the piece. One copy of the completed form will be displayed with each piece in the Instant Gallery, one will be given to you, and one copy will be filed at the Instant Gallery registration desk. You will need to show your copy of the form to the volunteers at the Instant Gallery desk to remove your pieces from the gallery.

Can I sell my pieces?

Yes, you can sell your art in the Instant Gallery. Your contact information is on your Instant Gallery form. If someone is interested in purchasing your piece, they can get in touch with you to arrange the purchase. The AAW does not handle individual sales. If the piece is not for sale enter "NFS" for the price.

Are there beginner turner pieces, or just advanced artists? How do I know my piece is "good enough?"

Your piece is “good enough,” so please bring it to share with other turners and wood art admirers. Remember that attendees are at all stages of their woodturning journey.

How secure is the Instant Gallery?

There has never been a loss of any item in the Instant Gallery. The Instant Gallery is locked during non-exhibition hours and the convention center has full security. While the Instant Gallery is open, it is managed by many volunteers. There is also a process for checking items in and out of the gallery.

Do I have to spend time in the Instant Gallery with my piece to talk about it?

There is no requirement to spend time in the Instant Gallery to talk about your piece. Some woodturners do spend time in the Instant Gallery to talk with individuals, but it is entirely up to you whether you want to do this.

How big can my piece be?

Woodturned artwork comes in all sizes, but when deciding what to display, keep in mind that many others will also be bringing artwork to display. Please try to limit your three pieces to no more than a 2 ft x 2 ft area.

My piece hangs or needs a stand. Will you have stands, or should I bring it?

The AAW has a standing “wall” which will hold hanging pieces. There are also some small pedestals randomly placed throughout the Instant Gallery. If you need special stands or displays, you should bring them with you.

I'm flying. Do I have to bring my piece on the plane, or can I send it in advance?

This year, AAW does not have a shipping address for receiving Instant Gallery pieces in advance. Please bring your pieces with you or make your own arrangements for shipping and receiving your work.

Will my piece be critiqued or judged?

Your piece will not be critiqued or judged unless you agree to it.

What types of critiques will be done at the symposium?

An Intimate Critique - is held in front of the Instant Gallery in the Exhibit Hall during the lunch recess on Friday and Saturday. You will find sign-up sheets for this critique on the indicated tables. Be sure to sign up early as space is limited.

An Instant Gallery Critique - is held in the Exhibit Hall on Sunday morning. Jurors selected by the AAW’s Professional Outreach Program (POP) committee selects pieces from the Instant Gallery for this critique. When you fill out your Instant Gallery form, you will see a checkbox asking if you are willing to have your piece critiqued. Even if you check the box, your piece may not be selected by the committee for the critique. There is only enough time to critique approximately 25 pieces during the allotted time.

How do I donate artwork for the Silent Auction?

If you have an item you would like to donate to the Silent Auction, please take the piece to the Instant Gallery registration desk. You will be asked to fill out a donation form with information about your piece. You have an option to donate 100% of the proceeds to the AAW, or to receive 50% of the proceeds, with the AAW receiving 50%. Please consider donating to the Silent Auction.

Woodturners from around the world will be converging on Louisville, KY this June 1-4. Click the link below to see everything happening this year and get the discounted registration rate before it expires on May 1.

Grab your favorite woodturned pieces to display in the Instant Gallery and register today!

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