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2024 AAW International Symposium Gallery Awards

The AAW International Woodturning Symposium is not just an event to learn about woodturning, it's also a celebration of the accomplishments of woodturners, chapter and artists. This year, eleven artists were recognized by AAW and the Professional Outreach Program (POP) for pieces featured in the Themed Member Exhibition and the Instant Gallery.

Congratulations to all the awardees!

Excellence Awards: Instant Gallery

Rolly Munro 

Feather and Fractals

Noble Peters

Pear NE

Dave Landers

Rocket Box

Diana Friend

Umbel Floret

Eiko Tanaka

Shi un-Ei (Goblet)

Excellence Awards: Instant Gallery


Karlyn Theobald

A Touch of Green

Silas Nielsen

Honey Locust Bowl

Excellence Awards: Instant Gallery


Molly Pearson

Burl Bowl

Niko Rivas

Captured Bowl

Common Roots Member Exhibition

People’s Choice Award

Christine Smith

Just One More Piece of Joy

Common Roots Member Exhibition

Master’s Choice Award

Andi Wolfe



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